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Preventive Medicine services offered in Bladensburg, MD

Preventive medicine leads to long-term health maintenance and helps you make your wellness a lifetime priority. At ABS Clinical Services in Bladensburg, Maryland, Khudsi Tucker, FNP-BC, and the team offer preventive services such as immunizations, health screenings, and comprehensive physical exams for all ages. To schedule a preventive medicine appointment, call ABS Clinical Services or book online today.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a type of medical care that aims to reduce your risk of developing various medical conditions instead of treating them. Certain services within preventive medicine also help lead to early diagnoses of diseases even if you have no symptoms or any indication that you have them. 

At ABS Clinical Services, the team offers many basic preventive health services that you should get according to your age. While everyone benefits from preventive physical exams in some way, you may also benefit from certain screening tests according to your age and disease risk factors. 

Khudsi and the team can advise you on how to improve your lifestyle in time for future visits at ABS Clinical Services, which helps mitigate any disease risks affecting you. They strive to keep you healthy as you age and go through different phases of life. 

Which services does preventive medicine include?

Preventive medicine includes several services that you should get regularly or according to your provider’s recommendations. The team at ABS Clinical Services provides the following preventive services for you and your family:


Immunizations are vaccines that prevent specific viral or bacterial illnesses. You may have gotten many of the immunizations you need when you were a child, but you can receive any new immunizations or boosters at any age. 

Physical exams

A physical exam is a comprehensive visit with your primary provider that goes over the details of your health. You can bring up any new or worsening symptoms during these visits, receive necessary tests like blood pressure and cholesterol, and get personalized wellness advice from your provider.

Health screenings

Health screenings detect illnesses before they cause any symptoms. The team at ABS Clinical Services recommends screenings based on health risks and your family medical history. 

Medical weight loss

Losing weight can be challenging on your own, but medical weight loss puts you on track for sustainable results. Losing even a small percentage of body fat helps prevent various diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and obstructive sleep apnea. 

What are the benefits of preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine offers plenty of benefits for you and your family members. Perhaps the most glaring advantage of taking part in preventive care is disease prevention. You can also lower your risk for complications from conditions you already have. 

Additionally, preventive care can help you identify and improve parts of your lifestyle that aren’t conducive to long-term wellness. With a lifetime of preventive care, you can even extend your life expectancy. 

To schedule your next physical exam or any other preventive care service, call ABS Clinical Services or book an appointment online today.